We Are Pop! Vol.5 @ Esplanade Powerhouse Stage, This Weekend…

We Are Pop! Vol. 5: Singapore, This Week!



Spreading the music will always be one of our aims in playing music. Since day one, we’ve been having well times playing our music and share the energy to people who come to the show. Time goes by and now we have our chance to bring our own music and some comrades to Singapore. This will be the second time we tour Singapore. Right now, we have chance to bring We Are Pop!, our regular-always small-homey series from Mayestik Jakarta to The Esplanade, Singapore.


We Are Pop! is a regular gig held in every three months in Jakarta by Ballads of the Cliché in our headquarter in Jakarta, Indonesia. It’s an event to accommodate many local pop talents from the country’s independent pop scene. Ballads of the Cliché have been running the event for a year in four editions. We want to bring the same energy wider than it’s been.


After vowing not to hold the series anywhere but Mayestik, now we’re trying to make the fifth volume in The Esplanade, Singapore. Yes, it’s an exception. Joining us will be Sweaters and Dear Nancy. See their profile below.


The venue will be The Esplanade Powerhouse Stage. And the schedule goes like these:


Friday, 9 May 2008

7.30pm-8.15pm  Dear Nancy

8.45pm-9.30pm  Ballads of the Cliché

10.00pm-10.45pm Dear Nancy


Saturday, 10 May 2008

7.30pm-8.15pm  Ballads of the Cliché

8.45pm-9.30pm  Sweaters

10.00pm-10.45pm Ballads of the Cliché


Sunday, 11 May 2008

7.30pm-8.15pm  Sweaters

8.45pm-9.30pm  Ballads of the Cliché


We will play four sets on the weekend and we’ve been working so hard to make special sets for you who are willing to come to the show. Please come to the show, pick your own chance to share your energy with us.


In addition to this tour, we will give away few songs as downloadable songs in our MySpace page. So you can warm up yourself to sing with us. This limited offer will only available up until May 11, 2008. So, take your chance to download it, see the lyrics on the blog site on that page, remember the song, sing with us, and bring home our cd to your house at the end of the show.


Don’t forget to bring extra money too to the show. There will be limited merchandise on the venue from us and two other bands. It will be nice to see you have a good time and bring home records or any merchandise from us to remember the weekend.


Finally, see you around, guys! We really look forward to come and play our music in front of you. Please spread the news and bring your loved ones to the show! See ya! (pelukislangit)



For further info you can contact:











Ballads of the Cliché

Ballads of the Cliché are a pop collective based in Jakarta. The band has released four EPs and one full album. The music is indiepop. They’re heavily influenced by Belle and Sebastian, Burt Bacharach, Nick Drake, Blueboy, and Simon and Garfunkel. The band was formed in 2003.


Right now, since they’re a self released band, the band is working on spreading words about their music. So far, Evergreen –their debut full album— has reached some distribution spots in Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Germany, and USA. They just made a licensing contract with Pastel Music in South Korea to release Evergreen for local market. There is more country still to come for sure.


The band also run a regular gig called We Are Pop!, held in their headquarter in Mayestik, Jakarta. The purpose of the gig is to keep the local scene alive, to promote new band, and to keep the band feels the small gig atmosphere they always enjoyed back in the days.


Currently, they are working on a new EP called Old Friend to be released in the upcoming months to support the release of Evergreen.


The band consists of Bobby Alvianto (Vocals, Harmonica), Arafino Zaini (Keyboards, Xylophone, Backing Vocals), Zennis Arrochman (Saxophone, Trumpet, Backing Vocals), Kurniawan Bambang (Acoustic Guitar, Vocal), Frederick Tobing (Electric Guitar), Ninatika Trimurti (Piano, Vocals), Dimas Ario (Bass, Vocals), and Ferry Hardianto (Drums).


More info about the band:






Sweaters is a Jakarta-based pop band. With four members — Merdi Leonardo (vocals), Christ Martin (guitar), Zulner M. Nourradine (guitar) and Jodhie Gunadharma (drum) — the band has released an EP, Ordinary Girl, in 2003.


Some of Sweaters’ songs have been released in two compilations, Pop Shower and Guitar Sketch, by Japanese record label Quince Records and a compilation named Delicatessen by local label poptastic! Records.


They just released their old materials in a EP called Written Like Postcards few months ago.


Sweaters is working on its first album, which is expected to be released next year. Ordinary Girl EP will also be re-released with three newly added materials at the beginning of next year.


The band has been a regular line-up in indie shows in several cities in Indonesia.


For further info about the band:



Dear Nancy

The band started in 1998. Ralmond Karundeng (Bass) and Christo Putra (Drums, Backing Vocals) was childhood friend and they started making music as a band. In 2003, they add another members and came up with an idea to make music influenced by The Beatles, Belle and Sebastian, and Everly Brothers.


The other three members are Alam Wijaya (Electric Guitar), Elisabeth Listyarini (Keyboard, Backing Vocals), and Wemmy Lopulalan (Lead Vocal, Acoustic Guitar).


The name Dear Nancy came after a mysterious girl called Nancy that summed up into the members’ life. They’re coming from Bekasi, a little town outside Jakarta.


So far, they’ve released an EP called My Little Story consists of six songs in 2006. They also joined a compilation called Paviliun Doremi on the same year. Currently they’re working on their debut full album to be released soon.


More info about the band:



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